Pipes that run unseen through the walls, above ceilings, and under floors constitute a home’s plumbing. Because a leaking pipe is hidden in these locations, it’s far more damaging, and by the time a homeowner notices it, significant damage to the property may have already occurred. We at Plumbing Jhb employ cutting-edge technology and industry-leading techniques.

What Are Some Common Causes of Leaky Pipes in a Property?

Whether you live in a new development or a home several years old, leaks are common, and there is frequently no method of avoiding them. There are numerous reasons why this problem may develop, including the following:

  • The most common home plumbing issue is a lack of water pressure, which can lead to bursting or leaking pipes.
  • When the foundation of a building shifts, the water lines might disconnect, rupture, or leak due to the strain.
  • Leaks may occur as the water reticulation system ages, particularly in older pipes that are prone to rust.
  • Water-seeking plants may be drawn to your property by tiny fractures in the pipes that allow moisture to enter the surrounding soil. Small cracks in the pipes that release moisture into the ground attract water-seeking plant roots. These roots may then tunnel into the pipes and cause damage that is difficult to detect since it happens below ground level.
  • Extreme temperature changes can cause pipe pipes to get very chilly and even freeze, making them more prone to fracture.

While these problems are typical, they frequently go unnoticed for days, weeks, and even months. This is why leak detection experts are so essential; they locate the source of the problem without causing significant damage to the property.

How Long Will It Take For A Little Leak To Fix Itself?

If you discover a leaking pipe but do not get the assistance of a leak detection expert, you may miss the problem at first. In contrast, even the tiniest leaks might grow over time and increase your water bill and property damage.

What are some do-it-yourself solutions for leaking pipes?

If a leaking pipe can be seen, temporary fixes such as special putty or plumbing tape may work for a while, but they are not a long-term solution. It is suggested that the owner hire a professional leak detector to detect unseen leaks because this is a highly skilled profession and reputable equipment costs more than R100 000. By calling an expert

When Should I Call a Professional?

You should contact leak detection specialists at the first sign of an issue. Some signs that you may have a leak in your plumbing include:

  • Water from the taps that look discoloured or smells bad.
  • Damp on your walls.
  • Cracked, crumbling, or stained walls.
  • Mould and mildew that spreads, even if you try to clean it.
  • More humidity on the property.
  • Strange sounds are coming from the pipes, like hissing and gurgling.
  • A rising water bill, even if there seems to be low water pressure from the faucets.

By ensuring affordable services, rapid turnaround times, and superior results, we take the inconvenience out of those aggravating plumbing issues. For urgent leak detection professionals that won’t let you down, call on us at 074 967 2234.